F A Cup 3rd Round – Oh the Excitement !!Just a quick one before the F A Cup starts and WBA take on Gateshead tomorrow. Nice of Villa to allow the non league team to train at Villa Park today. Another night in for me as the Man Flu lingers on. Listening to Radio Five Live and it is all Gateshead, Dover and Southport who all play Premiership opposition during 3rd Round week-end. Interviews with Vinnie Jones talking about Liverpool v Wimbledon in the Final of 1988, a game I attended with my Nephew Nick Ward. My only F A Cup Final. They have also just spoken to a Crawley player whose team were dead unlucky to lose to Man Utd at Old Trafford five or six years ago. And I was there that day. But of all the chat and gossip during the programme the thing that has amazed me most is Phil Neville’s announcement that ” I have never made a cup of coffee until the 19th December last year ” he then proceeded to describe how he did it, available on i Player should you need any tips !! Finding himself with a guest at home he had to call his Wife, who was away, for instructions on how to make a cup of coffee………………………..Life in a bubble at Manchester United !! Phil also revealed he went on a jolly with Tony Pulis, PREMIERSHIP MANAGER OF THE YEAR to Dubai and was extremely impressed with Pullis and his understanding and enthusiasm for the game we all love. So worry not Martin we will not be playing the long ball game because that is not what he did at Palace and last year he was the manager of the Year. the other thing Neville revealed was Pulis insisted that he have a glass of red wine. Phil Neville at the age of 37 had never had any red wine…………ever !


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