A Waste of Money

I havn’t always liked Steve Claridge but I did love his reaction to LVG’s system, or lack of system with Fellani, Rooney, Van Persie and Mata all up front.

He was beside himself with surprise and confusion.

Cambridge Utd very nearly scored after 1 minute after Blind gave the ball to one of their strikers, oh how he will bore his Grandchildren with that situation in years to come.

In homage to my own incredible football career Tait the C United defending played for a good few minutes in one boot having lost the other.

Only Grange United and Chili Boys will understand this comment, maybe more about Grange when I have more time.

As an aside I am in Gloucester Services which is run buy a company called Westmorland.

An indication of how a service station on the motorway in the UK can be run if the Company concerned can be bothered, source local produce and design it with this century in mind.

So the waste of monety, was it Di Maria, Falcoa or Fellani ?

No me being silly enough to bet £5 on a Cambridge Utd win.

33 to 1

Am I as a blogger allowed to bet on football ?

See ya all soon.




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